No other sporting goods market in the world provides a sense of community and cooperation anything like the newly emerging Tenkara market. Riverworks is proud to offer a collection of rods from respected rod vendors adorned with handcrafted Riverworks grips. Each of these rod collections are extremely unique and offered by our cooperative alliance in extremely limited numbers (all our Co-op rods are runs of 12 rods or less). We are honored by the opportunity to work with these great companies to bring these limited edition rods to life.

Luong Tam of Tenkara Tanuki is the guy who made our dream of Elite Tenkara Blanks come to life. We are absolutely honored to have the opportunity to produce the Tanuki/Riverworks Customs Snow 375 Limited Edition rods. These are without question some of the finest rods to ever be produced. We painstakingly handcraft each of these Variegated Cork grips here in the Riverworks Shop. Each rod is a statement to what can happen when a rod builder and a designer pool their energy to create a truly unique masterpiece.

Strictly limited to the first 12 lucky anglers who want to have this rod added to their family legacy. A truly exceptional piece.  Thank you Luong.


Matt Sment (Co-Owner of Badger Tenkara) and I have been friends since I first broke into the Tenkara market in 2014. I have been a fan of the no frills goodness of the Badger Rods since day one. These rods are really cool, they have a loyal and dedicated fan base for good reason- just because they command a lower price point doesn't mean these are cheap rods- these are great rods that perform very well and just look cool. We developed this custom Camo EVA Grip design exclusively for Badger Tenkara. We are really stoked to install this very special grip on a  limited run of their beloved UNC Small Stream Rods. Doing a custom run with a company like Badger is the reason I set up the Co-op Rods page.