For 2018, we completely redesigned our premiere, handcrafted fly rods. Our Generation 1 Stealth Class Fly Rods tested the boundaries of modern fly rod design with our handcrafted carbon fiber handle system built on one of the finest ultra-fast action blank platforms on the planet. Our Generation 2 Stealth Class Fly Rods have taken this concept to the next level by redesigning our cutting edge grip system to be one of the most ergonomically friendly, comfort driven designs on the market today. Combine this revolutionary grip design with an ultra-fast action, high performance blank and the very finest AMERICAN components available, and we believe we have something truly special with our GEN 2 Rods.  Achieving success in the most demanding conditions is something that can only be achieved with the proper tactical gear for the situation. The design of our Stealth Class Fly Rods allows advanced casters to generate unbelievable line speeds for long distance casting, and also allows rapid line deployments for close in presentations with minimal false casting. Big Flies, Big Fish, High Winds are challenges that the Stealth Fly Rods handle with amazing efficiency and grace. For a select group of fly fishers out there who demand the best, we believe the Stealth Class Fly Rods represent the most exceptional fishing tools on the market for doing battle in the most inhospitable fishing environments on earth. Wouldn't it be cool to get all this with a truly unique sense of style? We believe if you are going to spend big bucks on a fly rod, it had better be truly superior in every way possible. The Stealth Class Fly Rods by Riverworks are not mass produced on an assembly line, We build em one at time, to the most rigorous quality assurance standards available at any price.  

Cutting Edge, Ultralight, Carbon Fiber Grip with a Poly-Carbon 7 lb. density core. Impervious to the effects of saltwater, uv exposure, and father time himself (delamination could occur in 100 years under normal use). Retains a tacky grip nature even when wet. Does not heat up in extremely hot temps. The ultimate high performance big game fly rod grip.  

Unique, completely handmade fighting butt with a durable EVA End Cap and Fore Check. We spent over a year working with different density cores in the Fighting Butt to find one that worked to fine tune the balance on the rod itself. All the components on the Stealth work in perfect harmony to create one heckuva high performance fly rod.

High end reel seat with carbon fiber insert that provides the perfect fusion of style and performance. This reel seat is one of the lightest and strongest of any that we tested for the Gen 2 rods. Double knurled locking nuts provide a secure fit for all the rod models we build (seat is recommended for 4-11 WT reels.

The premium Titanium Stripper Guides are the lightest and most durable of their kind in rod building. We oversize the stripper guides to make the most of double-hauling and for "lining up" on the rod rating to make the most of the ultra-fast action blank. All our guide wraps are done with the finest epoxies and made to endure the rigors of big game fly fishing in the nastiest environments.

All our Stealth Fly Rods are outfitted with elite REC Recoil Titanium single foot guides and tip tops. The REC Recoils are made to withstand the numerous challenges hardcore anglers put on the guides. These babies were designed to retain their original shape even after being "crushed"- hence the term RECOIL. These are a step above anything being used by the commercial mega factories. They are expensive, but worth every penny when it comes to building a premium high performance rod package.

We definitely don't have enough space here to wax on about all the things we love about our Five Rivers FT Blanks. First off, these are made in an American shop, using American Carbon Fiber, and made from start to finish by skilled American blank builders. The blank is fast by itself. When you add a carbon fiber grip with zero flex, we have made a fast action blank even faster. But speed isn't everything. Every expert caster on earth will tell you that a broom stick takes a lot of the fun out of making a 100 ft cast. Although the blanks can definitely be classified as among the fastest in production, they still have a beautiful sense of transition when it comes to presenting flies in close. But make no mistake, we build rods for flyfishers who dig chasing big fish. So if you are in the market for a rod that can boom out a long cast and break the will of big fish, this is the blank you want your rod to be built on. A couple of our guide buddies in the Bahamas went on and on how they loved the fact that the rod requires very little false casting in the right hands. Quick casts are key in the salt, and having a rod that can put the goods on the money from 30 ft one second to 100 ft the next is powerful tool to have at your disposal. We have been pursued by other blank suppliers from some "big name" companies, but we will hopefully never have to use another blank for the Stealth Fly Rods-- we like these just fine..