Here at Riverworks, we have taken a very unique approach to the options available to protect your valuable rod purchase. Unlike virtually every other rod manufacturer, we have a "homegrown" approach to manufacturing rod tubes. With our Tenkara program, we realize not everyone wants or needs a rod tube. For those of you who do, we have some really great options available, from a premiere hand built tube to a economy carbon fiber tube for protecting your rods. In addition to standard single rod tubes, we are introducing the world's first multi-rod carrier designed especially for Tenkara rods. All of our fly rod packages are equipped with a rod tube. We also have some custom tubes available with a vinyl wrap that are a step above your run of the mill rod tube. We have all budgets and tastes covered for those of you who want a rod tube to protect your rods during transport or on the water.  

Introducing the world's first multi-rod, rugged transport system developed specifically for Tenkara.

The Tenkara Rod Pod is a concept that has been in development for more than 2 years. After lots of trial and error, and navigating tricky supply chains, we have finally reached a production grade multi-rod carrying system developed with the Tenkara angler in mind. The Rod Pod is designed to carry 6-8 Tenkara Rods in their rod socks in one end, and up to a (8) 3" Tenkara Line Spools in the other. The end caps, carrying system and integrated handle are absolutely unique to the Tenkara market. A blend of rugged durability and "tactical" styling are the theme of the Rod Pod. We will also be offering an innovative coating system for higher grade models, and a brushed aluminum (unfinished) option on the lower end of the price spectrum. For the Tenkara Angler who has been seeking an alternative option for transporting and storing their Tenkara Rods, the Rod Pod by Riverworks Tenkara is the ultimate tool for the job.

Watch our video tour of the TRP below to see all the cutting edge features and components of this completely unique concept in Tenkara Rod Transport and Protection.

Brushed Aluminum Version


Deluxe Painted Version


Vinyl Wrap Version

Starting at $299


Our most ornate rod tube option. Each one of these premium rod tubes is hand-painted and assembled here in our shop. If you want to store and transport your ELITE Tenkara Rod in style, our deluxe tubes are the way to go. Each one of these tubes features the finest anodized end caps money can buy (and they are made here in the USA). Our DELUXE Tubes are coated with an ultra-durable, glossy, automotive grade finish and then finished with a lustrous clear coat. To our knowledge, this is the first premium rod tube to ever be offered for the Tenkara industry. If you want to go first class with a rod tube, we believe you won't be disappointed with our deluxe offering.

Available in Gloss Black and adorned with the Riverworks Tenkara Logo. Other color options are available with a minimal upcharge.

We offered these top-quality brushed aluminum rod tubes with our GEN 1 Rods. Although these are not opulent, deluxe tubes, they do the job of providing maximum protection for your Tenkara stick with spartan styling. The brushed aluminum tubes feature top-quality anodized silver end caps. The top (access) cap features a rubber gasket to keep everything sealed nice and tight. If you are looking to buy a rod tube on a budget, this great rod tube definitely fits the bill. Built for us by a small company in Colorado.

Features a brushed and sealed surface treatment, and is adorned with the Riveroworks Tenkara Logo.

Our imported Carbon Fiber Tubes offer excellent protection for your Tenkara Rod in a true ultralight package. This is a perfect tube for backpackers and adventurers who carry one tube into the backcountry. Offers excellent protection at a meager 2.85 ounces. Pair it with a sub 3 ounce Tenkara Rod and you have a very manageable fast-packing setup. Features bantamweight aluminum end caps. The tube opens from either end for mindless deployments after you have spotted that buck brookie with a full pack on. This is REAL rolled carbon fiber tube, not plastic adorned with a carbon fiber sticker.

Features a very nice epoxy clear coat and the Riverworks Tenkara Logo.




We are doing some really cool things with vinyl wraps on rod tubes, both for our Tenkara and Fly Rod Tubes. 3M Vinyl Wrap is very expensive and difficult to properly install, but the end results are really cool. We specialize in matching the Kryptek patterns found on our Stealth Class Fly Rods and Ronin Series Tenkara Rods, but the vinyl wrap is available in a host of patterns. This is a very cool option for someone who wants a rod tube with a custom, personal touch. Prices begin at about $100 for Tenkara Tubes and $125 for Fly Rod Tubes. Contact me through our Custom Shop to see where to look at patterns and how to get a Vinyl Wrap Tube built.


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COMING IN June 2018