When you are passionate about something you go all out. If you don't, your not passionate about it.. Fly Fishing has been my obsession since I was old enough to use stolen thread from my mom's sewing machine, and the shag carpet from the living room to tie my first flies. I am passionate about the rods I build. Not only do I want my customers to be "wowed" by the way the rod looks, I want them to be amazed by the way the rod performs when it matters most. I have been drawn to carbon fiber grips for the last 5 years. At first I have to admit, it just looked so bad ass, I was mezmerized. When I started designing and building rods professionally, I knew that if I ever had the opportunity to start my own outfit, my ELITE Fly Rods would be built on a platform involving Carbon Fiber Grips. Aside from the jet fighter styling, carbon fiber grips offer a wealth of performance characteristics that unexplicably gel with the looks to render some of the finest high performance fly rods on the planet, and I have fished them all. The Generation 1 Stealth Fly Rods were not without their flaws, but with the Generation 2 Stealth Class Rods, I have eliminated the major design flaws. The New Stealth Class Fly Rods by Riverworks are lighter, stealthier, and more technologically advanced than our previous offerings. PERIOD. I build each and every rod one at time, from scratch here in my little 300 square foot shop. I use very simple, "low tech", lean production processes when I handcraft a rod here. Nothing is automated, I do everything by hand. In the end what you get are truly exceptional fly rods that are under the control of one person from start to finish. This is the opitomy of buying from a "boutique" style shop. I only build a handful of rods every year, and I put my heart and soul into each and every one. If you are in the market for a handcrafted rod, built in an American Shop, we would love to build you a rod. We are a small grassroots operation that refuses to play by the industry rules, and our rods reflect that mentality.

Jeff Lomino- Owner/Operator of Riverworks Company USA

Our flagship, ultra-high performance rods built with carbon fiber grips, premium components, and a super-fast American made blank.