Although our primary focus here at Riverworks is the fabrication of fine fly rods and tenkara rods, we certainly have the capability to build some pretty special spinning and casting rods. We can fabricate custom carbon fiber handles to create a custom rod that can truly be a one-of-a-kind work of art. We can also provide you with some ideas on what works best with carbon fiber in a spinning/casting configuration. We have the capability to make any handle up to 13" in length and we also do some pretty amazing things with split grip design. Get some inspiration from one of our concept rods--

If you take a few minutes to look at our OEM fly rod designs you can tell pretty easily what our specialty is. We love Stealthy Fly Rods. We know that theme will not appeal to everyone. If you require something with more bling, we have you covered. There are literally thousands upon thousands of materials available for the construction of fly rods. You can purchase a blank in a myriad of actions and colors. Search through our suppliers catalogs and design something you can call your own creation and we will put it together for you. Begin designing your custom fly rod, and we will bring that design to life.

We can work with many different materials with the grip system for your custom Tenkara Rod. We have covered a great many options with our original designs, but sometimes you need something to call your own. As a rod builder and desiger, I certainly understand the need to create something special and unique to your personality, taste, and sense of style. If your ultimate Tenkara Rod requires a special handle material, we have you covered. We can work with just about any material you can dream up in lengths up to 13". Have your name monogrammed on the blank, chose a special thread color, add a custom wrap to the butt section, the possibilities are limitless. This is a unique opportunity in Tenkara. We love Tenkara and we love the opportunity to bring our customers ultimate Tenkara rod designs to life.

How to get your custom rod built

1. Use the contact form to touch base with me on the specifics of your design

2. After we receive your request, you will receive a quote sheet with our price

If you have any trouble getting a response from me using the form- email me directly--

One of the great joys of being a rod builder and designer is to see your creative vision take shape in something real. We have a large variety of original rod designs here at Riverworks to chose from. This range will cater to a large segment of our customers. But not everyone. Some folks simply want a design they can call their own. These customers are generally not custom rod builders. Let us be the instrument for your creative outlet. If you can dream it up, chances are we can create it. Design and create your own rod. Let your mind wander and scheme. Dream up something radical. Then let us bring your creative vision to life. Welcome to Riverworks Customs.