The Riverworks Tactical Nymphing 360CM (11'10") Rod Blank is truly elite nymphing blank. It is a rod blank designed specifically for the specialized method of Tactical Nymphing with a Fixed Line Fly Rod. The beauty of these blanks go more than skin deep. These exquisite blanks are expertly constructed by skilled craftsmen at a small operation in China under the direction of my friend Luong Tam of Tanuki Tenkara. Each blank undergoes an exhaustive quality assurance process unlike any other in the industry. These are ELITE rod blanks in every sense of the word. Our blanks are finished with a lustrous Satin Black or our exclusive Silver Matte finish which rival the finish of any blank on the market today. It is a genuinely difficult task to rate the action of the blanks on the traditional Japanese rating system given the unique action the blank displays. The blank has tremendous backbone in the lower and middle sections to provide positive hooksets for nymphs presented deep in the water column. The blank has an ultra sensitive, yet strong tip section yielding superb strike detection and pinpoint accuracy during the cast. This is a blank built to excel in presenting weighted flies deep and provides the muscle to land the large fish that reside there.

It is our belief, that in order to take full advantage of a premium blank built for a specific purpose, you MUST have grips that maximize all the attributes that make the blank great to begin with.  We did things a little differently than most manufacturers when it comes to grips. Riverworks was the first company to focus on the benefits of composite grip designs. In the case of our carbon fiber ZX2 grip, we developed the grip ahead of blank. Our Generation 1 carbon fiber grips were placed on a more traditional "tenkara style" blank, thus the real performance benefits were never realized in our earlier rods. With the advent of our new Tactical Nymphing specific blank the true performance characteristics of a carbon fiber grip are truly maximized. In all our research and development with this grip, it was only really waiting for the right blank to showcase its true potential in real life fishing scenarios. The ZX2 grip works in perfect harmony and balance with our blank rendering a perfect marriage of materials to provide the ultimate tool for Tactical Nymphing with a fixed line fly rod.

With all that said, you might ask, what are these performance characteristics you speak of? First and foremost the most obvious benefit of a carbon fiber grip is the level of sensitivity between all the connecting points of a technical nymphing rig. The benefit is defined as what you feel when a weighted fly sinks out of sight. Every tap, tug, nibble, rock, etc,, emits an instantaneous transmission back to the users hand. This sensation is maximized with a dense cored, composite grip. EVA and cork tend to "subdue" this feedback as opposed to instantly transmitting the sensation directly to an anglers hand.  

Examine the most successful fly fishing methods throughout history, and you'll discover a short list of fundamental fish catching elements shared between all of them. Prior anglers were limited only by the materials available for building rods and rigs. More recently, competition anglers reintroduced us to some of those fundamental fish catching elements through tight line nymphing (aka. Euro-nymphing). But the nature of competition prevents tight line nymphing from advancing beyond certain regulations to reach its natural conclusion. Tactical nymphing breaks through the barrier, combining timeless fundamental fish catching elements with advanced rod and rig materials to create a modern standard in nymphing. It's a high density, lightweight, low profile tactic."               Rob Worthing

Tactical Nymphing is without question the most powerful new tool available to anglers wielding fixed line fly rods. Riverworks is proud to be a part of this revolution in our industry and we are committed to providing anglers the resources and gear to take full advantage of this thing we call Tactical Nymphing.

Click on the links to learn more about lines, flies, gear, events and other valuable resources dedicated to making all our experiences in Fixed Line Fly Fishing more successful and enjoyable. We are very lucky to be a part of such a vibrant and varied community, and every day our sport continues to grow. We will continue to add to this section as resources become available. Stay tuned....

Learn more about Tactical Nymphing on a full interactive website dedicated to this exciting concept from a coalition of well respected professionals led by Rob Worthing of Tenkara Guides LLC.

The new website will focus on the basic philosophy and agenda for Tactical Nymphing.

Proven skill building techniques to accelerate the learning curve for becoming a successful Tactical Nympher.

Proven line rigs designed by the experts.

Our favorite nymph patterns and how to fish them effectively.

The list goes on and on..

I am hoping we have the site built by the summer of 2018, stay tuned to the Riverworks Facebook page for updates.

Rob, John, and EriK have all been instrumental in promoting Tenkara to the masses and Rob is the undisputed godfather of Tactical Nymphing with a Fixed Line Fly Rod. I have been honored to learn from Rob over the past 2 and a half years. If you are really serious about becoming a better Tenkara angler, one of the best investments you will ever make would be to book a trip with a pro.  

If you are looking for a publication that will further peak your interest in fixed line fly fishing, or are a seasoned Tenkarian, Michael Agneta is spearheading the effort to bring a dazzling resource guide for all of us. I am looking forward to contributing and supporting his effort. This is a must read for anyone interested in the Tenkara community. Michael also writes a very entertaining blog. Click on the magazine link to explore further.

By far and away our favorite Facebook Group. There is always something interesting going on here and it is a great place to learn what is going on in the Tenkara community. Definitely worth a look and you'll want to join in on the fun...

Luong is more than just the guy that supplies us with our cutting edge blanks, he is a friend and a great ambassador for Tenkara on an international scale. Aside from his work to promote Tenkara, he is also offering some of the coolest Tenkara rods on the planet. He offers elite rods that cover a wide range of water and tactics. Take a look at his website.

Blue Ridge Fly Fishing Co. is our hometown Fly Shop here in Chattanooga and they are serious about the promotion of Fixed Line Fly Fishing on our local waters.  Chris is a Fixed Line Fly Fishing enthusiast, and he makes you feel at home the second you step through the door.  


We have discontinued our ZX2 Hybrid and Glass Grip Tactical Nymphing Rods.. All Remaining Stock is available at up to $100 off retail pricing. Very limited quantities remaining.

Carbon Fiber Grip, Elite 360CM Blank.. The ultimate tool for Tactical Nymphing with a Fixed Line Fly Rod

The Midgee 235CM (coming this summer) our first full flex headwaters specific rod.

The Monster 395CM Split Grip Concept Rod. A bohemoth rod built specifically for 2 handed casting large flies.

Many more concepts and customs from our evil labratory..

Cooperative Rod Ventures from such manufacturers as Tanuki and Badger Tenkara. New Projects ongoing.

Visit a new Facebook Group dedicated to Custom Tenkara and Fixed Line Rods. Loaded with valuable resources and a great way to see whats happening in the world of Custom Tenkara and Fixed Line Rods.