Sometimes the heart wants what the heart wants.. I wanted a Cobalt Blue super high performance fly rod. And I also wanted it to have a high quality hard anodized Cobalt Blue reel seat made by the top manufacturer in the world. And I also wanted it to have titanium guides with Cobalt Blue inserts. And I wanted it to have an exquisite variegated blue cork grip and fighting butt. The original cork wasn't blue enough for my liking so I created Cobalt Blue filler and gave it even more character. The beauty of this blank goes much more than skin deep, it can truly be considered an ultra high performance fishing tool. A stellar very fast action capable of all the great things our Stealth blanks can do, it is just blue.. I can build one for you, in a special order scenario. It takes about 2 weeks to put everything together, but it is well worth the wait, because in the end, you get the Rubicon Concept Rod from Riverworks.

Use the contact form at the bottom of the page to get the ball rolling on your Rubicon build.

Something about doing battle with a fish that would just as soon rip your guts out than look at you just seemed appealing to me. Musky are usually the meanest fish in the lake, and I wanted to build a rod that was just as mean. The Tactical-Esox Rods may be beautiful to behold (in the eyes of some flyfishers anyway), but make no mistake, they are designed for a single purpose, going head to head with dangerous animals. Designed with all the components of our Stealth Fly Rods, the Tactical-ESOX rods are capable of launching the most rediculously gigantic flies with minimal effort and fewer backcasts than with other tamer repurposed blanks on the market. The blanks are fast, the 12WT models handle 600 Grain Musky-Specific flylines with ease. If you want to consider a "less blunt instrument" for the job, the 10WT model behaves more like an 11WT and can also do all that is necessary to subdue 50" monsters any time any where. The Tactical ESOX rods come with a one-of-a-kind Grey Fiberglass Custom Lathed Grip and is unlike any other rod ever designed specifically for Musky and Pike fishing with a fly rod. We have a stict limit of 6 Rods per calendar year, and we believe these will be very sought after by "enthusiast" Musky Fly Rodders for years to come.

Use the contact form below to get the process started on becoming the next lucky owner of one of these rods..

A cool spin on modern fly rod design, The Yeti Concept Rods will be available in a wide range of weights in a more forgiving action than any of our previous offerings. The one element that really sets these rods apart are the stunning Ivory colored blanks and the absolutely unique Hybrid Carbon Fiber/Fiberglass hand lathed grips. Nothing you have ever seen before can adequately prepare you for the dashing good looks of our Yeti Concept Fly Rods. These rods are just plain cool. Outfitted with premium components and offered with a truly unique Kryptek Yeti pattern vinyl wrapped aluminum rod tube, this rod package makes a statement in terms of styling and performance.

More details and photos coming in the weeks ahead.

Send us your name and email and which concept rod you are interested in and we will begin the special order process..

All our Concept Rods require a 50% deposit and require 15 business days to complete. We think the end result is well worth the wait.

Please keep in mind, we do not stock inventory of these rods. We build the rods based on your order in the same fashion we run our custom shop.

Starting at $625

5WT- 10WT Models available

Starting at $799

10WT and 12WT Models available

Starting at $599

3WT- 12WT Models